Anthem - CCSM Spring Virtual Orchestra & Choir


Step 1: Click on one of the below for your music and the audio click track: 

Voice: Soprano ~ Elementary Voice ~ Alto ~ Tenor ~ Bass

Harp: Beginning Harp ~ Intermediate Harp ~ Advanced Harp

Piano: Beginning Piano ~ Intermediate Piano ~ Advanced Piano

Strings: Beg. Violin ~ Int. Violin ~ Adv. Violin ~ Beg. Viola ~ Int. Viola ~ Adv. Viola ~ Beg. Cello ~ Int. Cello ~ Adv. Cello ~ Beg. Contrabass ~ Int. Contrabass

Guitar & Ukulele: Guitar (Melody) ~ Guitar (Chords) ~ Ukulele (Melody) ~ Ukulele (Chords)

Woodwinds: Piccolo ~ Beg. Flute ~ Int. Flute ~ Adv. Flute ~ Beg. Alto Recorder ~ Int. Alto Recorder ~ Int. Bass Recorder ~ Int. Oboe ~ Adv. Oboe ~ Beg. Clarinet ~ Int. Clarinet ~ Adv. Clarinet ~ Int. Bass Clarinet ~ Beg. Alto Saxophone ~ Adv. Alto Saxophone ~ Beg. Tenor Saxophone ~ Adv. Tenor Saxophone ~ Int. Baritone Saxophone ~ Adv. Bassoon

Brass: Int. French Horn ~ Adv. French Horn ~ Beg. Trumpet ~ Int. Trumpet ~ Adv. Trumpet ~ Beg. Trombone ~ Int. Trombone ~ Adv. Trombone ~ Int. Euphonium ~ Int. Tuba

Percussion: Timpani ~ Snare Drum ~ Suspended Cymbal ~ Vibraphone ~ Marimba

Handbells ~ Bagpipes ~ Organ

Step 2: Practice your part with the click track audio file (click on your instrument above). Play through your part and keep in-time with the click.

Step 3: You are ready to record your part!

1. Click here to view setup diagrams.

2. Set up a device in landscape mode, facing you to record the video and audio. Please stand between 3-5 feet away from the recording device for better sound quality!

3. Be sure to tune. An app called Pitch is available for tuning assistance on the App Store as well as Google Play.

4. Put on headphones or earphones so you can hear the audio track in your ears as you play.

5. Ready, set, record!



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