Private Lessons

Standard Private Lessons

For most people, individual private lessons are at the heart of a well-rounded musical education. We are committed to finding the program of study that is appropriate for each student. After consulting with our faculty representative, the student is assigned to an instructor based on teaching style, scheduling needs and goals. The student and instructor will meet once a week at the agreed upon time slot and day of week. You will then receive one on one attention that will really speed you along toward meeting your goals.

Private lessons are offered for piano, strings, guitar, voice, recorder, harp, percussion, woodwind, and brass instruments. Traditional and Suzuki methods are used for instructing piano and orchestral stringed instruments. Jazz piano, guitar, and improvisation are also available. Students may register for 30 minute, 45 minute, or 1-hour lessons. Fees vary according to lesson length. Students will receive 36 private lessons during our Fall/Winter/Spring session. Our Summer session is flexible and you may sign up for as little as one lesson or as many as you want to do.

Private music lessons start with the basics of reading music and learning chord and scale patterns through fun beginning songs that are familiar to the student. Lessons progress through succeeding years, helping the students continually improve their musicianship and mastery of their chosen instrument or voice.  The student prepares for important performances, auditions, or entry in the Master Teacher program to further refine his or her skills.

Students are encouraged to participate in ensembles, festivals, competitions and our many recitals held onsite at the William J. Huff Recital Hall.


To register for private lessons please call the school office (909) 624-3012 for referral placement.

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Master Private Lessons

Master Teachers are available to instruct students of any age and ability who demonstrate a commitment to serious music study.  The program is open to everyone, but also includes students who are considering career paths in the world of music or for those desiring to reach artist-level capacity on their voice or instrument. Master teachers are our most highly qualified instructors and possess at least a Master of Arts degree in music (or comparable certification and/or experience teaching at CCSM), widespread performing experience at the artist level and very strong pedagogical skills.

Master Private lessons may be taken in 30, 45, or 60 minute increments and enable students to progress at a highly motivated pace. It gives the opportunity for advanced students to prepare for performances, auditions and competitions. Students explore varied repertoire and are placed in demanding arenas to accelerate their study of music. 

We are pleased to offer the following instruction in these instruments: Piano, Violin, Voice, Cello, Clarinet and Guitar.

To register for private lessons please call the school office (909) 624-3012 for referral placement.

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Charter & Home-school Private Lessons

CCSM is proud to partner with many charter and home-school programs throughout our community and the surrounding area, with well over 14 different partnerships. Charter and Home-school lessons are available with both Standard and Master Teachers.  As these programs require extensive reporting per lesson and vary in administrative scope and sequence, a single-lesson rate structure applies accordingly.  Please click the link below for tuition prices:

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