CCSM Policies


Registration Fee

A one-time $20 registration fee is applied to the account of each new student. Returning students will not incur a registration fee.

Late Fee

Payments are considered late if not received by the 10th of the month. A $25 late fee will be automatically applied to a student’s account for past-due balances.

Payment Methods Accepted

We accept cash, check or credit/debit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express). Please note that a 3% convenience fee will be applied to all credit/debit card payments, online or in person. Direct bank account payments or ACH payments are also accepted and incur a 0.8% convenience fee.



CCSM reserves the right to cancel group classes if enrollment does not meet the required minimum number of students. In the event that a class is cancelled, the parent/student will be contacted and the tuition of the class will be refunded. Please note that registration fees are non-refundable.



Out of courtesy, students should notify their instructor of any absence for any reason. However, prior notification does not exempt the student from payment. There will be no makeup lessons for private instruction or classes in cases of student absences. CCSM is committed to pay the teacher for the time you have scheduled; therefore, this policy is strictly enforced. If you anticipate a prolonged absence of more than 2 weeks, contact the CCSM office. With instructor approval we may adjust your account.



If an instructor is absent, the lesson will be rescheduled at a mutually convenient time. Rescheduled lessons missed by the student will not be made up.



Private Instruction

The office must be informed of withdrawals by the parent/adult student in writing. Verbal notice is not accepted. Refunds will be considered by the Executive Director OR CCSM Board Treasurer on a case-by-case basis. Registration and late fees are non-refundable.

Group Classes/Workshop/Ensembles

No refunds will be considered after the 1st class meeting.



Upon submission of tuition payment, parents or legal guardians agree that CCSM shall in no manner be liable for any accident, injury, loss, theft, or damage which may be sustained on the premises in conjunction with any school-related activity or function.



It is the practice of CCSM to take photographs and videos at various events and to use them to market future programs (may be posted on our website and/or used in catalogs). If you would prefer that we NOT use your photograph, please contact the school office and submit a signed "Opt-Out" form.