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NFMC: Junior Division Music Festival

"...acquaintance with great music instills a love of that which brings courage and lofty ideals and tends toward clean, noble living"

The National Federation of Music Clubs (NFMC), founded in 1898, is now the world’s largest philanthropic music organization supporting American music and musicians. It is one of three music organizations to be chartered by the United States Congress and the only music organization member of the United Nations. There are 6,000 NFMC-related organizations and music clubs nationally. Members are professional and amateur musicians, vocalists, composers, dancers, performing artists, arts and music educators, students, generous benefactors, and music lovers who are interested in creating a dynamic, musical and cultural environment in their communities.

Each year in February and March, CCSM sponsors the annual Jr. Music Festival (JMF) through the NFMC charter.  This music festival is open to all music students and encourages creative growth and development through nationally-approved, graded performance material.  Students choose various events to enter ranging from solo, chamber, concerto, music theory, and much more.  This festival is not a competition, but rather an opportunity for each music student to receive specialized feedback and comments from an objective judge who evaluates students on individual merits of performance and aptitude.  This special opportunity empowers students to achieve musical, academic and performance goals that might not otherwise be realized.

The Junior Music Festival for the Pomona Valley Area will be hosted in person by the Claremont Community School of Music on February 16th - 18th, 2024.

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- - Click here for the Theory Exam requirements by level. - -

The theory testing format has changed from years past, so we encourage students

and teachers to review the PRACTICE theory tests below:

Practice Test
Level A Practice
Level B Practice
Level C Practice
Level One Practice
Level Two Practice
Level Three Practice
Level Four Practice
Level Five Practice
Level Six Practice
Level Seven Practice
Level Eight Practice
Level Nine Practice
Level Ten Practice
Level Eleven Practice
Level Twelve Practice


Registration Fees are required from each participant.  The following rates are per participant, per event:

  • $55 for the first event registered
  • $35 for any additional subsequent event including theory
  • $30 for any group event; duet, duo, trio, quartet, or any ensemble event

All registered students at CCSM will be billed on Feb. 1st, 2024 for NFMC registration dues; the fees will be included on participants' monthly CCSM invoices for February. Teachers will not need to collect payment from registered CCSM students. Unregistered students, or students participating outside of CCSM, will need to give a check (made out to CCSM) to their teacher. Checks from non-CCSM students will be collected and submitted by the student’s teacher to the CCSM office no later than February 1st, 2024

Ratings and Point Accrual toward Gold Cup Awards

Ratings leading to a Gold Cup award are:

  • Superior = 5 points
  • Excellent = 4 points
  • Satisfactory = 3 points
  • Fair = 2 points
  • Needs Improvement = 1 point

The first Gold Cup is earned when the student has achieved a total of 15 points. Each subsequent Gold Cup is earned in increments of 15 points, so that a 2nd Gold Cup for example, would be earned when the student earned a total of 30 points. Each succeeding cup earned is larger in size respectively, with the largest Gold Cup worth 75 points. Students accumulate points that can also be transferred to different National Federation Music Clubs; however, only points earned at National Federation Festivals will count towards a student’s earning of a Gold Cup.

NFMC Junior Music Festival Class Advancement Schedule

Solo Categories:
Concerto Categories:


Junior I-A

Primary I

Junior I-B
Primary II Junior II
Primary III
Junior III
Primary IV Senior Class
Elementary I
Elementary II
Elementary III
Elementary IV
Moderately Difficult I
Moderately Difficult II
Moderately Difficult III
Difficult I
Musically Advanced I
Musically Advanced II