CCSM Collaborative Performance - Virtual Orchestra

O Waly, Waly (The Water is Wide) – British Folk Song

- Submission deadline has passed for this production -

CCSM is excited to announce the upcoming Collaborative Performance featuring all of YOU! Every participating musician will be featured among other members of the community in this virtual-orchestra video.

O Waly, Waly is a beloved folk tune from Great Britain (Scottish origin) dating back to the 1600s. Learn more about the song here.

NOTE: We cannot accept videos of performances without the musician using the click track in ears. See below.

How do I participate?

Step 1Print your music or view it on a device (click button above or click on an instrument below).

Piano (Advanced)   Piano (Intermediate)   Piano (Beginning)   Piano (Beginning, Simplified)

Flute   Recorder   Oboe   Clarinet   Bass Clarinet   Alto Saxophone   Tenor Saxophone

Violin I (Advanced)   Violin II   Viola   Cello   Bass

Voice   Guitar (Chords)   Guitar (Melody)   Bagpipes   Handbells

Trumpet   Trombone   Harp (Advanced)   Harp (Melody)

Snare Drum   Suspended Cymbal   Vibraphone   Piano Accompaniment (RESERVED)

Step 2Practice your part with the click track MP3 file (found by clicking on an instrument above). Run through the part and keep in-time with the audio click. Note: The metronome will give 4 clicks "free".

Note: If uncomfortable playing some sections of the part, please record sections you feel comfortable to play.

Step 3: You are ready to record your part! Click here to view setup diagrams.

  1. Find a quiet space or room with sufficient lighting.
  2. Set up a device that can stand upright, in landscape mode, facing you to record (video and audio). Please stand between 3-5 feet away from the recording device for better sound quality!
  3. (For strings, brass & woodwinds) Be sure to tune. An app called Pitch is available for tuning assistance on the App Store as well as Google Play.
  4. Make sure the device’s camera can see you, your head, your hands, and your instrument (if applicable).
  5. Put on headphones or earphones so you can hear the audio track as you play. That way, the eventual audience will only hear you and not the pre-recording.
  6. Ready, set, record!


- If I play multiple instruments at CCSM, can I submit multiple recordings? Yes!

Music and arrangement questions? Contact

CCSM will present your collaborative performance through live streams on YouTube and Facebook Live on an upcoming date, so stay tuned!