Please use the following form if you are a new or a returning student wishing to enroll in private lessons, group classes, or ensembles at the Claremont Community School of Music.  

ALL STUDENTS will be charged a $20.00 tuition deposit/registration fee.  The required deposit is to be collected upon submission of this form and the remaining tuition balance for the desired group class, ensemble, or private lesson will be billed via an emailed invoice to the student.  The $20.00 deposit/fee is refundable if the requested lesson time and teacher availability do not match.  The one-time $20.00 registration fee is applied to to NEW STUDENTS ONLY and is assessed upon final placement with a teacher within the program.

Please make sure to refer to the current CCSM course catalog HERE so that you may correctly list the desired class in the corresponding field below.

ALL CAMP IVRT registrations MUST go through the IVRT website:  

CAMP IVRT registrations will not be collected through this web page.

The CCSM office staff will review all form entries during office hours and contact you with any questions.