Greetings, Everyone!

THANK YOU for participating in the music portion of Cliff's Memorial Service.  Please read over the following to prepare for the Saturday service:

1) ATTIRE: All Black

2) Music stands will not be provided; please bring your own

3) STRINGS: Please bring your MUTES

3) ALL: Please plan to arrive early to warm-up and tune.  Rehearsal will begin promptly at 8:30am and last approx. 1 hour.  Twenty min. break between 9:35am and 9:55am.  Service should run approx. 90 min beginning at 10am

4) ADDRESS: 1040 Baseline Rd, La Verne, CA 91750    GOOGLE MAP LINK

5) PDF parts and scores are listed as links below.

Questions can be referred to Matthew Keating at 951-295-5498


Cliff Keating Funeral Bulletin.pdf

HYMNS (Matthew Keating, Conductor):

Be THou My Vision ONE PAGE.docx

A Mighty Fortress is our God.pdf

SUO GAN (Erick Jovel, Conductor)

Suo Gan w Bagpipes, Strings & Voice Revised.pdf

Suo Gan (1).mp3

ADAGIO FOR STRINGS (Matthew Keating, Conductor): 

Adagio_for_Strings SCORE.pdf.pdf

Adagio for Strings PARTS - Barber.pdf

HANDEL WATER MUSIC (Matthew Keating, Conductor): 

Cello:Bass D Dur Watermusic.pdf

Cembalo:Piano Handel D Dur Suite.pdf

Horn I & II in C D-Dur Watermusic.pdf.pdf

Score D-Dur WaterMusic.pdf.pdf

Trumpet I & II in C D-Dur Watermusic.pdf.pdf

Viola D-Dur Watermusic.pdf

Violin 1 D-Dur WaterMusic.pdf.pdf

Violin II D-Dur WaterMusic.pdf.pdf

THE SWAN (Erick Jovel, Conductor with Cello Solo, Matt K.):

Le Cygne String Parts and String Score.pdf

Le Cygne PIANO PART.pdf

Le Cygne (The Swan) String Parts.mp3


Highland Cathedral Horn.pdf

Highland Cathedral Organ Page 1&2.pdf

Highland Cathedral Score.pdf

Highland Cathedral Snare.pdf

Highland Cathedral String Parts and String Score.pdf

Highland Cathedral Trombone.pdf

Highland Cathedral Trumpet 1.pdf

Highland Cathedral Trumpet 2.pdf

Highland Cathedral Tuba.pdf

Highland Cathedral String parts.mp3


Violin 1

Mary Keating 

Samuel Rios

Laurann Estevez 

Violin 2


Megan Shung

Lacy Rostyak 

Lydia Reinebach 



Jennifer Wu

Mari Mizutani 

Chris Woods


Kinga Bacik

Dustin Seo

Greg Adamson 



Ben Pendergrass 


Erick Jovel, Trumpet I

Cheri Cole, Trumpet II


Aija Mattson, Horn I

Tawnee Lillo, Horn II


Bob Creek


Devon Taylor


Janet Noll


Martha Junkunc