Ensembles - Chamber Music Ensembles
Chamber music provides an invaluable learning experience because of the way it challenges each student to produce independent musical lines in harmony with each other!  It stresses skills such as phrasing, counting, intonation, tone colors, rhythm, cooperation and responsibiity.  Each ensemble is a 'team,' working together to produce beautiful music!

The Village Pipers are for adult recorder players who want to play in an ensemble. Students need to be able to read music and know the fingering for their instrument. Repertoire includes Renaissance, Baroque, and folk music. This class is open to soprano, alto, tenor and bass players. Please contact instructor through the school office if you would like to join this ensemble!
Instructor:  Sandra Parker    SUMMER Tuition:  $40     Material Fee:  $0

Class dates and times to be determined. Please call the school office at

 909 624-3012 for more information.

To register for this class online, please click here.  Registration & Payments.  You  may also register over the phone at (909) 624-3012 or visit our office open from 1pm to 6pm Monday - Friday.